The fastest billing software at the lowest price

With the fastest and most reliable POS, get the speed, reliability and convenience you need to run your restaurant business smoothly

What SmartD can do for you!


Superfast billing

Handle high demand during peak hours

Your staff can generate cash bills within seconds, thereby ensuring that the kitchen operates faster and more efficiently. This helps the staff manage any number of customers at any given time and improve customer experience.

Simple and easy to learn

Operate the POS & start taking orders in no time

Unlike many of the complex billing systems in the market, ours is designed with ease and efficiency in mind. You can easily navigate through the app to access any number of its features. The usage is so simple that any kitchen staff will be able to use it.


Quick set up and implementation

Always stay ahead of your competition

Setup SmartD in your kitchen within two hours with the help of our team who will walk you though the process to ensure it runs smoothly. The solution is very simple to use and we can assist you throughout the day over the phone.

Powerful platform with zero maintenance

Fastest billing software at the lowest price

Our platform is more than just a billing system; you can promote services, receive feedback in real-time, manage operations, generate reports and more. It involves no hardware cost, and it can be implemented in any smartphone or tablet that you already have.


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