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Get the flexibility your restaurant chains need

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Track operations in real-time

Monitor the sales of multiple outlets via mobile on the go

Updates reach you directly and you no longer have to wait on your staff or manager to give you one. Monitor the sales performance of all your restaurant outlets and generate Real-Time analytical reports as and when you need.

Save up to Rs.5000 per outlet

Our fraud control system tracks every penny

Get instant notifications of opening balance, closing balance and deficit for every outlet against biller’s name so that you can keep track of the revenue. Track your wastage daily & plan your raw material purchase with our inventory module.


Make business decisions backed by data

Gather solid data through accurate analytical reports

When taking a decision on including new menu items, removing items, or increasing your raw material purchase, you can generate analytical reports with which you can drill down to micro level details, thus making business decisions with confidence.

Multi cuisine KOTs and table management

Direct KOTs to kitchen directly from the customer's table

SmartD can take up multiple orders from the same customer throughout his meal on a single bill and it will direct the bills to respective cuisine kitchens separately without diverting the steward’s attention from the customers.

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows customer orders to display on a digital screen, such as an ipad or a monitor, as opposed to the handwritten or printed receipts in the kitchen. You can also run multiple screens with specific menu items on them.


Get customer feedback in real-time

Take corrective measures as per your customers’ preferences

When a customer submits a feedback about one of your restaurants, you will get instant alerts along with the customer’s contact details, so that you can act immediately on their feedback and make necessary changes, if needed.

Build your CRM and see your sales increase

Target the right customers and lower your marketing costs

Identify regular diners, occasional diners and once-in-a-blue moon diners along with the business value they have given to your restaurant and create personalized offers to each category and improve your business substantially.


Provide personalized customer experience

Create a memorable experience for your Loyal Customers

You can store and retrieve the information of your customers, such as phone number and date of birth. You can then delight your customers by wishing them on their birthdays and by inviting them to spend their special day at your restaurant.

Customizable service charge

Manage multiple floor services like AC, non-AC and roof top with different prices

You can customize the service charges and GST charges according to your state requirements. You can also change the menu item pricing according to the respective floors in your restaurant, based on the amenities provided.

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Separate permissions to access features

Provide separate access to staff as per their responsibilities

You can provide the member of your staff separate access to the billing system according to their roles and responsibilities, without jeopardizing the data. While they have the access they need, you get a bird’s eye view over the entire operations.

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