A powerful solution to manage your inventory, billing, customer loyalty and restaurant marketing

A simple and beautifully designed POS system that enables you to spend more time with your customers instead of interacting with a computer all day

What SmartD can do for you!


Boost your restaurant sales

Send Real-Time promotions to targeted customers

When sales drop, you can create discounts to boost your sales for the day by sending SMS & push notifications instantly to your customers based on customer information such as total orders placed, number of visits made, total business given and more.

Provide a satisfying service experience

Attend to your customers throughout their meal

The stewards can generate and send KOTs (Kitchen Order Token) to the respective kitchen printers without leaving the customer’s side. This reduces walking to the kitchen frequently and helps him attend to the customers when they need him.


Provide personalized customer experience

Create a memorable experience for your Loyal Customers

Store and retrieve the information of your customers, such as phone number and date of birth. You can then delight your customers by wishing them on their birthdays and by inviting them to spend their special day at your restaurant.

Increase your top line revenue

Get online orders from our order app and increase sales

With SmartD Business, you will be listed in the SmartD consumer app as well. Due to which, your restaurant can reach hundreds of customers and get additional orders and thus increase its sales.


Monitor multiple restaurant outlets

Monitor & track all restaurants' operations via mobile

SmartD allows you to monitor the sales of multiple restaurants and generate analytical reports as and when they happen. You no longer have to wait on your staff or manager to give you a sales update.

Customizable menu pricing

Manage multiple floor services like AC, non-AC and roof top with different prices

The multiple floors in your restaurant may contain different pricing based on the amenities offered. You have the option to customize the pricing of the various floors in real-time, bridging any communication gap between you and your customers.


Plan kitchen production and reduce wastage

Use last months' sales & inventory reports to plan production

Our dashboard allows you to monitor and track the sales and contribution of top products at your restaurant in real-time. You can use this data to plan your kitchen menu efficiently, thereby optimizing raw material purchases and reducing wastage.

Table management, Running KOTs & KDS

Direct KOTs to kitchen directly from the customer's table

SmartD can take up multiple orders from the same customer throughout his meal on a single bill and it will direct the bills to respective cuisine kitchens separately without diverting the steward’s attention from the customers.

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows customer orders to display on a digital screen, such as an ipad or a monitor, as opposed to the handwritten or printed receipts in the kitchen. You can also run multiple screens with specific menu items on them.


Setup tax and other charges on the fly

Customize the charges at your restaurant any time you want

You may levy various tax & charges for various sections of your restaurant. With our platform, you can change any charges on your restaurant menu, according to the amenities provided, updating on the go directly from your mobile.

Instant session settlement notifications

Know the amount of cash in hand at the end of each session

You can not only view the opening and closing balance of a session at your restaurant, but the sales based on the mode of payment as well. This gives you accurate info about sales for each session individually and not a penny goes unaccounted for.


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