Tend to your customers instead of just running to and from the kitchen

Setup differential pricing (Multi floor services)

The various floors in your restaurant may have different types of menus and different pricing. You can change the menu item pricing according to the respective floors in your restaurant, as well as based on the amenities provided.

Provide impeccable customer service experience

SmartD allows the steward to place orders and generate and send KOTs to the respective kitchen printers. This will reduce the steward walking to the kitchen frequently and will help him attend to the customers all throughout their meal, giving them a satisfying service experience.

Full control over tax and other charges

There are a lot of charges involved when it comes to menu pricing of a restaurant. Our POS system allows you to customize the service charges, VAT and other such charges as and when required.

Table and Multi cuisine KOT management

SmartD can take up multiple orders from the same customer throughout his meal on a single bill and it will direct the bills to respective cuisine kitchens separately without the steward’s attention wavering from the customers.

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows customer orders to display on a digital screen, such as an ipad or a monitor, as opposed to the handwritten or printed receipts in the kitchen. Similar to relaying orders in the kitchen, restaurants can run multiple screens and have specific menu items appear at each one.

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