We guarantee to go above and beyond to ensure the best POS experience ever

Installation and Network Configuration

Every restaurant has its own identity and we believe that it is necessary to understand that identity in order to serve to the best of our ability. Hence, our team will visit the restaurant to analyze the best way to configure a secure and fast working network connection for you. Our operations team will install the SmartD POS in person and wait with you until they are absolutely sure that everything is working without a glitch.

System Configuration

SmartD Restaurant Management Platform can be customized according to your restaurant’s needs. The theme based billing interface can be used to modify the way operations are managed according to the business nature and billers’ understanding.

Go-Live Help

Apart from just teaching your staff how to operate the system, our executive will be on stand by the day you go live with the system to make sure no issues arise. We believe this will give you and your staff more confidence in using a new system.

In-Person Demo and Training

Any new system requires learning and a system such as SmartD Business, with its multitude of features, a workshop would induce much confidence in your employees’ minds. Our team member will train your staff on how to operate and update the various pages of the system according to your configurations.

Software Updates

As you are already our customer, you would automatically get updates and features as and when we implement it. You no longer have to worry about your system becoming older and slower. Due to our auto updates, you’ll always have a system that is fast and up-to-date to help you with your restaurant operations.

24/7 Phone and Email Support

No problem is too small an issue for us. When we install the app, we make sure that all the connections, equipment and software are all functioning perfectly. If at all, an issue arises during use, our team member will be happy to come over and resolve your issue in a snap. Our team is available day or night to help make your experience the best.

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