Customize the way your reports are generated according to your business

Graphical representation of data for clear understanding

SmartD generates customized reports on inventory, sales and menu items in graphical format so that you can compare and understand the data easily. This will help you take better decisions, with clarity and prior insight into your business.

Comprehensive dashboard to track all data on mobile

With SmarD, you are equipped with a platform to generate custom reports based on the type of outlet, most sold items, least sold items, order type, etc.

You can even drill down data to an accuracy that can answer questions such as: 3 years ago on the 3rd of Feb 2014, how many biryanis were sold when a 30% discount was announced to customers?

Take business decisions backed by data

With SmartD, you can compare the sale of particular menu items on a weekly/monthly basis and decide on whether or not to remove the slow moving items from the menu.

You can monitor the feedback from your customers on a day-to-day basis and make necessary changes to the menu, hygiene or anything else in order to keep your customers satisfied and visiting again.

Track and compare all outlets’ data in one screen

With SmartD, you can track all your restaurant outlets’ sales, inventory, online orders and feedback all on a single screen so that you can compare the performance of all the restaurants at once and concentrate on the outlets that require your immediate attention.

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