Customize the entire online ordering experience and build a good customer base

Create a strong brand identity

You can customize the way your customers perceive your restaurant. You can add your logo, background and banner images, descriptions and photos of your menu items. You can also give valuable information such as branches, locations, availability of pick-up or home delivery and open hours of the restaurant, etc. directly to your customers through SmartD.

Improve sales with online orders

The SmartD consumer app has multiple kitchens in its page to provide the users with a variety of options and it is being used by thousands of users. These users are all your potential customers. Through regular marketing and promotions, you can turn them into your customers as well.

View detailed ordering reports

You can view all your restaurant orders under various categories such as online or direct orders. You can also view the orders under dine-in, pick up or home delivery. This helps you understand where most of your customer base is from and what they prefer. You can take marketing and operational decisions based on this data effectively.

Save time with menu integration

SmartD restaurant management system is an all-in-one tool that makes running a restaurant much easier. You can modify the menu in real-time, either on the POS or via your mobile, from anywhere, anytime. You can also change the price of your menu items, tax and other charges. All changes would immediately reflect in the consumer app as well.

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