A marketing module to help you promote your items to the right customers

Promote instantly via SMS and push notifications

Not all days result in exceptional sales for a restaurant. And if you want to boost your sales instantly, you can do it by sending targeted promotions to your customers via SMS and push notifications, giving them a little nudge to indulge themselves with your delicious food.

Create loyalty programs

As the Pareto principle says, 80% of profits come from the top 20% of your customers. We give you a means to identify your top customers by the number of times they purchased at your restaurant and their transactional value. You can then focus on rewarding them to encourage transactions and positive word-of-mouth.

Create a personalized experience for your customers

You can access customer specific data such as how much sales have they given, what are their tastes & preferences, etc. and delight them by giving relevant suggestions the next time they visit your restaurant. So now you can serve food according to their preferences by making it spicy, less spicy, oil free or sugar free without the customer having to mention it every time.

Delight you consumers on their birthdays and festivals

The chance of converting your regular customers to loyal customers depends on the emotional connection you can create through every touch point that you have with your customers.

With SmartD, you can send personalized wishes and offers on your customers’ birthdays and other festivals, delighting them always.

Better ROI with targeted promotions

All offline promotions such as pamphlets, paper ads and banners involve a lot of cost and require a great deal of effort in order to execute them. Even then, you cannot measure the effectiveness of the promotions or guarantee their reach to your customers. This also eats up a lot of your money, proving it totally inefficient.

But with SmartD, you get to store the mobile numbers and email ids of customers into the system. You can create customer segments based on their previous sales and promote to each segment with relevant offers. This way, you can ensure direct reach and customized offers for your customers, which will cost just a fraction of the offline promotions but with better ROI.

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