Accurately monitor your stock and reduce wastage and theft

Achieve standardization in menu through Recipe management

The recipe management module will help you fix an appropriate weight for each plate so that you can achieve standardization across all your menu items.

Track wastage & control theft

With SmartD’s inventory management and recipe management modules, you can track the raw material purchases and calculate how many plates of a particular item can be prepared with it. Using this and the sales data, you can track the wastage and take actions to reduce it.

Identify your most profitable menu items and promote them

Not all the menu items available in a restaurant contribute equally to the profits of the restaurant. With SmartD, you can track the menu items’ profitability by identifying the cost per plate against the number of plates sold.

Buy optimum level of inventory and boost profitability up to 20%

Plan you inventory purchase based on your previous sales data and increase or decrease your purchase quantity accordingly. According to the industry veterans, you could boost your profitability up to 20% if optimum inventory is purchased.

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