Know what your customer really wants and make changes to improve customer experience

Convenience to You

As a restaurant owner, it is important that you know what your customer thinks about the food and experience that you offer. SmartD platform provides the means for your customers to provide their feedback easily and conveniently. You get alerted every time a customer leaves a feedback. You can then access the feedbacks and make any necessary changes to your restaurants as per your customers suggestions, if needed. Collective feedback can produce information which may even help you identify if there is a change in your raw material brands.

Consumer Engagement

Our feedback system gives you direct access to your customers’ preferences. If a customer leaves a feedback, you can contact them in response and assure them the best customer experience the next time as well. This improves your customer engagement and customer relations.

Convenience to Customers

Customers can give their feedbacks through the SmartD food delivery app or through the feedback system kept at your restaurant premises. This feedback goes directly to the owner of the particular kitchen to help him make necessary changes according to the customers’ preferences.

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