Provide the most easy and convenient modes of payment for your customers

Provide cash and online payment methods

Provide your customers alternate ways of payments. Go digital by enabling your customers to pay for your food online. Be it cash or card payments, recording it in our billing system is fast and convenient. You will also have the option to accept payments through your mobile phone.

Get paid through SmartD Pay hassle free

SmartD provides various methods of payment that is easy and efficient for both the merchants and their customers. Payment done via SmartD Pay can eliminate the use of a POS machine and make the payment process much more affordable for the merchant.

Accept UPI payments at affordable costs

SmartD platform also accepts payments through UPI. This enables your customers to pay directly from their bank account into yours, instead of having to store the money in a digital wallet. However, it is by far the easiest method of payment for you and your customers.

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