Engage with your customers, generate new orders and boost repeat purchases

Create loyalty programs

You can customize loyalty programs based on your customers’ order history and purchase behavior. Ours is a cloud based system, so you won’t have the hassle of adding and redeeming points through loyalty cards. You can create special offers specific to your outlet, customer ordering habits, or you can even make it global where points can be gained and redeemed at all outlets.

Run parallel multiple offers

Don’t be limited with your offers. You can create separate coupon codes for various offers through SmartD. Multiple number of coupons with many offers can be used at any given time. The duration of the offer can last from a day to a year or more. Your offers and respective coupon codes can be targeted for a specific type of customer base, based on their spending patterns.

Promote instantly via SMS and push notifications

Not all days result in exceptional sales for a restaurant. And if you want to boost your sales instantly, you can do it by sending targeted promotions to your customers via SMS and push notifications, giving them a little nudge to indulge themselves with your delicious food.

Centralized CRM access

A customer is not just an outlet’s customer; he is the entire brand’s customer. SmartD provides a centralized CRM system that can be accessed from all of brand’s outlets across the city. This ensures that customer profiles and other records can be shared across all outlets, irrespective of its geography.

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